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Velika-Mala Cyclotourist Route

According to the operational plan for the Varaždin County cycling tourism development, one of the project proposals is to achieve greater connectivity through the creation of a network of county bicycle routes.Read more

Other Cycling Routes

There are also several competition routes which are additionally designed for cycling recreation. They have all been fixed up and marked with cycling signposts.Read more

‘Toplička’ Cyclotourist Route

The ‘Toplička’ Cyclotourist Route connects to the Drava Route. The Route currently connects Varaždin and Varaždinske Toplice and connection to Novi Marof and Ludbreg is envisaged in the future.

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From Castle to Castle – Varaždin County Cyclotouristic Route

The Castle to Castle Route was formed in 2014 and stretches in a circle from Varaždin and then onto Lepoglava, Trakošćan and Cvetlin before returning to Varaždin. Cycling signposts have been placed along the entire track, and the route has also been mapped onto an on-line cartographic system in GPX files which can be downloaded onto navigational devices and shows all relevant route data, such as special points of interest, route length and elevation, the type of substrate and the like. On this Route there are two self-service stations – Varaždin and next to Hotel Trakošćan. The aim of this Route is to connect recreation with the cultural-historical, natural and geomorphological sights of Varaždin County.

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R03 National Cycling Route in Varaždin County – Drava Route

The Drava Route continues along the Mura-Drava Cycling Route from Varaždin via Ludbreg, onto Veliki Bukovac, to connect with Koprivnica-Križevci County or the EuroVelo Route (EuroVelo 13 Iron Curtain Route / Drava Route in Croatia (Slovenian border – Varaždin – Hlebine – Donji Miholjac – Hungarian border) and the Ludbreg Cycling Route which was built in 2017). This route is 36.5 km long and is in its entirety marked with cycling signposts and is mapped onto an on-line cartographic system which allows downloading of GPX files onto navigational devices.

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RO2 National Cycling Route in Varaždin County – Drava – Mura-Drava Cycling Route

Cycling Route R02 is 33.7 km long. 3.8 km of the R02 Route overlaps the R01 Drava Route and this analysis takes into consideration only its length until the point of overlapping with the R01 Drava Route. The whole of this Route, either the macadam or asphalt parts, is suitable for cyclotourism activities. Of the total length of the R02 Cycling Route approx. 16.7 km (49.5%) of the Route is macadam and 16.8 km (50.5%) of the Route runs along a road on which there are no bike lanes or cycling paths.

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R01 National Cycling Route in Varaždin County – Drava – Mura-Drava Cycling Route

The Drava Route has been co-financed through the Mura-Drava Bike Project and includes supporting infrastructure services such as signalling, cycling rest points, Bike&Bed accommodation, GPS navigation, the education and licensing of three cycling guides and promotion on tourism markets. The Drava Cycling Route, which is internationally designated as R1, combines nature and an urban environment, and its natural beauty and cultural diversity makes it one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe.

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