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Cyclotourism within Varaždin County

An active and diverse natural environment, rich cultural and historical heritage and a favourable climate in addition to a multitude of roads with lower levels of traffic suitable for bike rides offer numerous comparative advantages for the development of cyclotourism within Varaždin County. Aside from the natural and cultural-historical attractions, Varaždin County abounds with social and cultural events.

Along with Varaždin a special interest in cyclotourism is also represented by the Town of Ivanec because of the exceptional relief features (Ivanščica Mountain) and, with a wide variety of cultural and natural heritage, it represents a potential future tourist attraction. Moreover, there are several proposals for cycling routes to cover the following area: Ivanec, Prigorec, Sv. Duh, Ivanečka Željeznica, Margečan, Salinovec and Punikve. There are three cycling routes in the Lepoglava area waiting to be recorded as official routes of Varaždin County so that co-financing from national and EU funds can be applied for.

In rural areas within Varaždin County there are also numerous country farms, excursion sites and tasting rooms that offer autochthonous cuisine – traditional food and drinks from this region which, owing to its attractive location, provides a unique tourist experience for visitors. Within the County there are dozen country farms that provide tourism services including stay and accommodation or excursions in a rural environment which are predominantly oriented to providing meals (restaurants).

The aforementioned facilities have led to Varaždin County being ranked as one of the most attractive parts of Continental Croatia.

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Varaždin County Cycling Routes

    About the project

    Varaždin County applied the Varaždin County Bike Route Project following the public invitation of the Ministry of Tourism on attribution of grants based on the 2017 Continental Croatian Cyclotourism Development Programme and the Project was approved.

    The general objective of the Project is to enhance competitive advantage of Croatian tourism and promotion of Croatia as one of the leading international tourist destinations.