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About the project

Varaždin County applied the Varaždin County Bike Route Project following the public invitation of the Ministry of Tourism on attribution of grants based on the 2017 Continental Croatian Cyclotourism Development Programme and the Project was approved.

The general objective of the Project is to enhance competitive advantage of Croatian tourism and promotion of Croatia as one of the leading international tourist destinations.

Special project objectives:

  • To improve quality of tourism and tourism products in Continental Croatia;
  • To develop tourism infrastructure and preserve a tourist resource base in Continental Croatia;
  • To generate key motivations to visit Continental Croatia;
  • To more appropriately evaluate resources in Continental Croatia;
  • To create new bases for attraction in Continental Croatia;
  • To encourage higher tourist consumption in Continental Croatia, and
  • To increase guest satisfaction with offers available in the destination.

Varaždin County applied the project whose budget amounted to HRK 416,875.00. The Ministry of Tourism will co-finance the Project in the total amount of HRK 350,000.00, of which the creation of the Varaždin County Cyclotourism Development Plan will be supported by up to HRK 70,000.00 and other activities will be supported by HRK 280,000.00.

Creation of this website has been co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism from the budget of the Republic of Croatia, from the Programme of Co-financing Investment into Continental Tourism Infrastructure.