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    Varaždin County Wine Routes

    In the long and rich history of Varaždin County the number of events that took place would fill a rather thick book if listed. Therefore we leave to the historians to deal with past times, and we want to present what our County has to offer to visitors today.

    People from this area are characterised by their hospitality that has roots in ancient Slavic traditions, where a guest was considered precious and was treated with special dignity, so the finest dishes and drinks were laid on to keep him or her comfortable and warm.

    Asked how we could make our guests feel ‘at home’ we answered that we should take them to places where we relax, gather our strength and look forward to being with our friends. These are undoubtedly our tame, idyllic hills, lined with vineyards and beautiful vineyard cottages. This picturesque landscape, with a millennium of tradition in viticulture, is rich in valuable biological, cultural and historical features and provides exceptional opportunities for the development of tourism.

    Winemakers from certain areas associated with wine-making societies have created the conditions for the formation of wine routes which, together with a tradition of viticulture in these areas, provides an extremely high-quality tourist offer.

    Wine roads are rich in natural beauty and this amplifies the uniqueness of the surrounding environment, cultural and historical sights and centuries-old tradition. The basis of this offer are the high quality wines and traditional dishes from this region with an emphasis on top quality meat specialities.

    A guest needs to work up an appetite in order to eat and drink well, and additional tourism offers are available along the Wine Routes in the form of various sports and pastimes, such as hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, swimming, horse-riding, running and sightseeing of cultural and natural sights and of course traditional folk festivals and celebrations.


    Toplice Wine Road

    Varaždinske Toplice is the greatest and oldest Spa Town in Croatia. The heart of the Town is located on travertine terraces and along the southern slope it descends into the Bednja River Valley.

    A natural gift – an abundant source of thermal water – determined the position of the settlement and gave it its name and conditioned the continuity of living and treatment through all cultural epochs. The water temperature at source is 58° C.

    In 3rd Century BC we learned the names of the inhabitants of Toplice. These are the Pannonian Iasi, which is why the Romans gave the Town the name ‘AQUAE IASAE’. The modern health resort has been operating since 1820. At the beginning of the 20th Century the resort was listed amongst one of the most prominent Central European spa and health tourism destinations – and this has continued until the present day.

    The Hospital, Hotel ‘Minerva’ and other hospitality facilities in Varaždinske Toplice offer guests plenty of tourist attractions, such as swimming pools with water attractions (mushrooms, waterfalls, water rapids and aquagans), sightseeing of many cultural and historical sights and rich gastronomy.

    After seeing this we recommend that you take a leisurely stroll along the hills surrounding Varažinske Toplice and visit the especially attractive Toplice Wine Route.

    The Wine Route extends north of Varaždinske Toplice on gentle hills called Banjščina and Martinkovec. The hilly relief makes for good vineyard positioning and expressed continental climate makes for good grape harvests.

    Along with wine cellars, which are traditionally good in these vineyards, the introduction of modern wine varieties have meant that the wine quality in these area is excellent. Typically the wine from this area is between 10% and 12% Vol. of alcohol, and they are aromatic because of the slightly higher content of total acids which leads to a very pleasant freshness.

    Vineyards, cellars and tasting rooms provided by generous hosts can be visited along the Wine Route. Along the Toplice Wine Route you can be in a beautiful and natural environment and at the same time enjoy excellent wines and taste traditional Zagorje specialities.

    Invigorate your body and cheer up your mind. Taste our wines: Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Gray Pinot, Green Silvaner, Yellow Muscat, Black Pinot and other wines of the Toplice Region.

    Visit the Toplice Wine Route and find out why the song goes: ‘…I nikom nije lepše nek je nam, samo da je tako svaki dan…’ (‘… and no-one gets it better than we do, just let it be like this tomorrow too…’).


    ‘Klampotic’ Wine Road in Cestica

    The municipality of Cestica is located in the northern part of Varaždin County, at the border with Slovenia. Their excellent cooperation has been proven by the establishment of the Haloze-Zagorje Tourist Zone. This area was inhabited even at the time of the Celts and later, the first settlements required the construction of the Roman road to Ptuj (Roman Poetovio) in Slovenia.

    The first settlements mentioned in 1334 in the Statutes of the Zagreb Kaptol were Dubrava and Babinec. Cultural monuments include church architecture: the chapels of St Lawrence in Lovrečan and the Mother of God in Križanec, the Churches of St Barbara in Natkrižovljan and of the Feast of the Holy Cross in Radovec.

    Other architectural heritage sights include the Križovljan Castle built in 1752.

    If we were to describe the municipality of Cestica, we’d say it’s covered with woods, meadows, fields, orchards and vineyards. The vineyard areas exchange in hills and valley spreading along the south-western part of the municipality. The beginnings of viticulture go back to the Celts, it was then continued by Romans and the arrival of the Slavic peoples meant the good tradition continued until the present day, with hard-working and cheerful local people making top quality wines in their vineyard cottages.

    An old legend says that the best grapevines grow between the Church of St Barbara in Cirkulane and the Church of St Barbara in Natkrižovljan, and that at the time of the Romans before Christ was born, the wine made of those vines was taken to Rome under military escort so that it could not get stolen or drunk on its way. During Austrian and Hungarian Monarchy this wine was drunk in Vienna, at the Emperor’s Court.

    Wines of the area have beautiful golden colour, fresh flavour and rich aroma. A note should be made of special wines, those made of late or frosty grape picking (when dry grapes are picked), which results in top quality wines whose distinctive colours, typical odours and flavours win the hearts of everyone who tastes them.

    The most common wines are white wines: Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Grey and White Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer and Yellow Muscat. Among the red wines, which are less common in this area, are: Black Pinot, Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) and Portugizac.

    The highest delight of wine tasting can only be reached when your host offers you indigenous dishes of the region, with specialities like: ‘meso iz banjice’, fresh cottage cheese with sour cream, sausages, pork knuckle with sour cabbage, ‘sirni štrukli’ (cottage cheese cake) and the famous Zagorje turkey with ‘mlinci’ (hand-torn pasta). All this is served with home baked bread made of corn, barley and rye flours. Sweet dishes include apple strudels, poppy-seed or walnut rolls, ‘zlevanka’ and ‘gibanica’.


    The Jalžabet Wine Route

    Thanks to its favourable natural features (arable river valley along the Plitvica River and wood covered slopes of ‘Toplička’ hills), together with natural communications from the east to the west and vice versa, made this area ideal for habitation, even in pre-historic times. This has been supported by significant archaeological sites and findings in this area.

    Life in the territory of today’s municipality of Jalžabet continued during Antiquity when it was a part of the Roman Empire province of Pannonia. Material evidence of those times are the Villas Rusticas along the Plitvica River to the north of Kelemen. A Villa Rustica was a well organised country farm that produced everything necessary for habitation.

    As for the period of migrations and the Early Middle Ages there is almost no material or written data. The first written data on this area appear after 13th Century. These include documents on noble estates, their owners and borderline disputes among them. The most famous noble families were the counts of Šemovec, Suhodol, the Gotals, Bedekovič, Kušević and Jordisi, followed by the Batthyany, Matačić, Janković and Patačić families.

    The first written sources refer to the High and Late Middle Ages and provide direct evidence on grapevine growing on the wider area of today’s Jalžabet. The oldest preserved documents mentioning vineyards on the territory of today’s municipality of Jalžabet date from the 17th and 18th Centuries. These include a list of ‘gornjak’ (bondsmen in charge of the vineyards, a ‘gorni list’ (a document issued to a bondsmen after a successful vintage) for individual vineyards and evidence of purchase and sale.

    One of them is a written statement of 6th June 1759, by which a Captain of the Jalžabet Parish of St Elizabeth confirms that the Pastor’s peasant Josip Katančić bought a vineyard from the owner of the Jalžabet noble estate.

    Based on the preserved records we can determine beyond any doubt that vineyards spread on the cosy slopes through which today’s Jalžabet Wine Route passes, continuously from the Middle Ages until today.

    Everything stated in the records guarantees that the wines of the area were and still are of top quality and, as such, definitely deserve our attention.

    The Ludbreg Wine Route

    Ludbreško Vinogorje (Vineyard Hills of Ludbreg) are part of the Zagorje and Međimurje Sub-region of Continental Croatia located at the north-westernmost point of Croatia and considered to be the coldest Croatian sub-region.

    Its relief is characterised by hills and barrows with vineyards covering the mountain slopes at altitude180 to 350 m.

    Unlike many other vineyard sub-regions in Croatia, precipitation levels ranging from 88 to 1200 mm are well distributed and, during grapevine development, vegetation collects up to 60% of water sediment.

    In ‘gorice’ (the word for ‘vineyards’ in Kajkavian dialect) there are vineyard cottages where grapes are still occasionally processed in the traditional way, and winegrowers also spend a lot of their time organising traditional celebrations: ‘Martinje’ (St Martin’s Day (11th November) to celebrate that year’s vintage of grape becoming a new wine, ‘Vincekovo’ (St Vincent’s Day, which commemorates the beginning of a new year in the vineyard) etc., in addition to relaxing after hard work.

    At the same time, they are well aware that market economy required modernisation of winemaking, and the results of these changes are visible with the list of registered producers of wines with controlled designation of origin.

    The most recommended wine varieties of the Ludbreg wine area are: Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, White Pinot, Grey Pinot, Chardonnay…

    Red varieties include: Portugizac, Back Pinot, Frankovka…

    In cooperation with other Societies of Winegrowers and Winemakers, societies and institutions of similar activities, and considering the well-known diligence and hospitality of the local people, Ludbreg vineyards have slowly but surely established a position within the winegrowing region of Continental Croatia.

    Restaurants and Snack Bars

    ‘Angelus’ Restaurant

    Modern and creative cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere provided by rustic furnishing make Angelus an unmissable point of Varaždin gastronomic offer.

    Its interior with old arches and walls decorated with angels, connects the Angelus Restaurant’s romantic story to the idea of ‘Varaždin: the City where Angles Sleep’, whilst its imaginatively created combination of autochthonous and Mediterranean cuisine meets all the requirements of the modern age.

    A top class selection of dishes is accompanied with a wide range of pizzas made with crusty dough and those made with wholemeal flour.


    Verglec’ Restaurant

    The ‘Verglec’ (Street Organ) Restaurant is located in the centre of the Baroque City of Varaždin, in the heart of the historic core only a few metres from the Stančić Square and the Sermage Palace. The Square is overlooking the Old Town Castle. After a stroll along the city streets and admiring the sights, if felling hungry the ideal area to treat your gourmet taste is ‘Verglec’, the first licensed restaurant in Croatia offering autochthonous cuisine.

    The restaurant’s rich gastronomic offer and cosy atmosphere provide comfortable relaxation to its guests. Our staff is our asset and their creativity in preparing food, their professional attitude and kindness shown to our guests will show the best of what we offer.

    The cosy atmosphere of our restaurant is enhanced with the tones of our ‘Verglaš’ (the street organ player) whose traditional musical instrument sheers up our guests. The area provides 140 seats inside the restaurant and on the terrace, which enables us to welcome groups of tourists as well.

    The ‘Verglec’ Restaurant is an ideal place for celebrations of special moments like weddings, first communions, confirmations, business gatherings etc.


    The ‘Cimplet’ Restaurant

    The ‘Cimplet’ Restaurant was opened in 2003 in B. Radića 102, at the western exit from Varaždin to Ivanec (behind the hospital); the Company itself had been in operation since 1995.

    The ‘Cimplet’ Restaurant can seat around 100 guests and provides its own parking area behind the Restaurant (for 30 cars and coaches).

    A ‘Cimplet’ is am earthenware pot, often round but can also take other forms, such as rectangular, oval, heart shaped…

    It has been long used in Varaždin and its surroundings for roasting meat and baking ‘Gibanica’, bread and, of course, ‘Štrukli’, as the most famous dish of the area.

    In addition to the wide selection of traditional Varaždin meals, ‘Cimplet’ Restaurant has a daily offer of several variations of ‘Štrukli’ prepared in a traditional way and baked in a ‘Cimplet’.


    Catering Aroma (‘Bolid’ Restaurant)

    Our daily menus include a selection of 5 to 7 different dishes priced at HRK 18.00, except for dishes made with game and veal. You can choose among around 30 types of pizzas and a hundred à la carte meals. Our services also include delivery to your home. Capacity: 70 seats inside the restaurant, 40 outside


    The ‘Fontana’ Restaurant

    The breath-taking, old Baroque City of Varaždin has one of the most beautiful restaurants with unique, charming halls where you would most certainly want to celebrate the most fantastic and most important day in your life.

    The ‘Fontana’ (Fountain) Restaurant was named after a spiral fountain dominating the small hall which, together with the restaurant’s interior all in wood and unique ceramics, backed with the murmur of running water provides special atmosphere.

    Unforgettable wedding receptions, top quality local dishes, home-made wedding cakes and cakes for any other occasion, top chefs and polite waiters will ensure memorable moments in this comfortable and relaxing setting.

    Capacity: 2 air-conditioned wedding reception halls

    • Small – up to 300 guests
    • Large – up to 450 guests

    Parking Area: around the restaurant in a fenced, 15,000 m2 asphalt area.

    We offer:

    • Wedding receptions and other celebrations,
    • Various receptions, presentations and catering,
    • Organisation of seminars, presentations and business meetings,
    • Optional provision of special areas for team building supported with hospitality/catering services,
    • A rich variety of special wedding reception dishes,
    • A rich variety of à la carte meals and simple lunch meals,
    • A rich variety of wedding cakes and cakes for other occasions, made in our own confectionery shop, and
    • We also deliver.


    The ‘EL’ Restaurant

    The ‘EL’ Restaurant offers many culinary specialities, of which, in addition to wide variety of pizzas, special place is held for squids prepared in various ways.

    Our wide selection of popular ‘simple lunches’, for those who don’t have enough time to enjoy the gastronomy delight in our restaurant we offer free delivery. For those who do find some free time, we also provide private parking.

    Our special offer is organisation of celebration for groups of up to 60 people.


    The ‘Garestin’ Restaurant

    Not far from the City centre is the ‘Garestin’ Restaurant and B&B. Its name was also the first name of the City in the past. It occupies a former family house in Varaždin, which had a garden terrace, and its flower arrangements and greenery ensure a truly home-like atmosphere.

    With our experience and quality we stand out with our various Croatian and international specialities and our highly professional staff will meet all your demands. The restaurant offers 100 restaurant and 70 terrace seats, and is a suitable place for different celebrations (wedding receptions, first communions and christenings) and individual visits.

    The Restaurant has a private parking area for 30 cars.


    The ‘Kolonada’ Restaurant

    The ‘Kolonada’ Restaurant is located in the very centre of Varaždin, Franjevački trg 1, in the courtyard of Mrazović Centre. Inside the restaurant’s cosy interior you can try various, tasty lunches and traditional dishes of Varaždin area or enjoy coffee on the beautiful courtyard terrace.

    There is something for everyone! ‘Kolonada’ offers everything: from hamburgers, pancakes in breadcrumbs, cottage cheese and sour cream with assorted meat. And all this at affordable prices. Find us and enjoy a high-quality meal.


    The ‘Lav’ Restaurant

    Grills, fast food and other meals. A big hall for different celebrations and wedding receptions


    The ‘Marija’ Tavern

    On the national road Varaždin-Maribor, in Hrašćica, the Tavern-restaurant ‘Marija’ offers its 30-year hospitality experience. Cosy Mediterranean, air-conditioned interior embellished with Dalmatian stone is suitable for business and family lunches and other gatherings for up to 80 guests. You will certainly like the magical tastes of home-made sweet dishes, wide selection of aperitifs, soft drinks and high quality Dalmatian and Croatian continental wines.


    The ‘Varaždinski zug’ Grill House

    In the cosy interior of the grill house you can try traditional ‘ćevapi’, ‘šiš-ćevapi’ or ‘pljeskavica’ with or without a cheese stuffing, rolled skewers, ‘vješalica’, sausages, roasted sausages and other similar specialities. Daily simple lunches are also on offer.

    We provide a unique offer of home-made ‘ćevapi’ made according to special recipe

    And all this at affordable prices and top quality offerings is waiting for you if you visit us at RIS Grill House in Nedeljanec on the main road from Varaždin to Ivanec.


    The ‘Palatin’ Restaurant

    We invite you to experience a true gastronomic delight in cosy atmosphere of our restaurant. Our highly professional staff will gladly assist you in selecting dishes and top quality wines.

    The restaurant and the coffee bar, high-class wine list and top quality dishes signed by Stephan Macchi


    Hotel Turist’ Restaurant

    Cherishing centennial tradition of culinary skills is a continuous care of an excellent team of chefs.

    The hotel cuisine is a true treasury of authentic local tastes and the hotel chefs have won first prizes at international chef competitions in preparing fish, game and forest fruit dishes.

    Gourmet à la carte meals of ‘Hotel Turist’ bring you a gastronomic story which, due to the sophisticated and world known Head Chef’s taste, provide an irresistible delight for genuine gourmands.

    Hotel Turist’ Restaurant rightly occupies a high place in the Croatian gourmet stage, to which it contributes in various areas of culinary skills, ranging from home-made dishes of the Varaždin area to world traditional cuisines, Italian cuisine and vegetarian dishes.

    Light lunches and traditional dishes selected by the Golden Chef



    The Raj Restaurant

    The Raj Restaurant is located in the old Baroque city core and offers home-made specialities in original and cosy interior of a brewery and on the garden terrace decorated with a hundred-year old wisteria.

    The Raj Restaurant cherishes tradition by offering original dishes of the region: chicken liver in bacon, roasted sausages, black pudding, roasted pork knuckle, roast duck, braised cabbage and different sorts of home-made sweet and salty desserts. ‘Raj’ Restaurant also organises different celebrations and parties, depending on your needs, wishes and opportunities.

    It offers daily in-house lunches and catering.

    Specialities of home cuisine in a cosy atmosphere in the very centre of town

    Capacity: 80 seats inside, 70 outside


    Hotel Varaždin’ Restaurant

    Rich and high-quality gastronomic offer, selected wines from Croatian and foreign vineyards, allow the guests to enjoy the dishes of top chefs or a simple coffee on a terrace with numerous desserts of which we highly recommend the strawberry cake and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

    Special atmosphere is provided by live music on Saturdays.

    Traditional and international cuisine,

    Capacity: 50 seats in the restaurant, 50 seats on the terrace


    River Pub’ Restaurant

    The ‘River Pub’ Restaurant’s hall is suitable for various receptions and gatherings.

    Rich offer of food will satisfy everyone’s taste and out polite staff will make your gathering an unforgettable memory. Choose the modern restaurant interior to celebrate the most important day in your life.

    The ‘River Pub’ Restaurant is one of only a few restaurants that prepare food according to HACCP requirements, certified in 2009.

    Daily offer of hot dishes, big hall for celebrations

    Capacity: 200 seats


    Santa Maria

    A rustic restaurant with interesting decorations. Rich offer of over 70 types of pizzas made in a traditional bread oven and over 300 dishes, including fish, pasta, risottos, meat specialities, grill and recipes from Mexican and Indian cuisine in a domestic, cosy setting.

    In short, enough reasons for the ‘Santa Maria’ Restaurant to earn your visit.

    Rich offer of Italian, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisine,

    Capacity: 70 seats in the restaurant, 30 seats outside, delivery


    The ‘Šanjek’ Restaurant

    The restaurant/snack bar with wide range of traditional dishes and wide assortment of butcher’s products, a gathering place for people of happy spirit, willing to enjoy tasty food and a good drink. This is a representative hospitality facility offering dishes mad of mostly foal and horse meat, and other specialities.

    A unique offer of butcher’s products and sausages made of foal and horse meat

    Capacity: 125 seats inside the restaurant, 30 outside


    The ‘Črn Bel’ Restaurant

    The restaurant is situated on a little but the most beautiful hill of the Ludbreg area. From the restaurant interior and also from the outside, the guests can enjoy in the stunning view on Ludbreg and the surrounding places.

    And while you are admiring the gorgeous views, we will prepare for you an assorted collection of cheeses made by a well-known Ludbreg dairy.

    The ‘Črn-Bel’ Restaurant also offers numerous home-made specialities of the region, in particular the cream of mushroom, porcini mushroom, horseradish and nettle soups, ‘Črn Bel’ (pork loin in a spicy sauce) and ‘trganci’ (hand-torn dumplings), the famous traditional dish from Podravina.

    House specialities include beef tenderloin, sirloin steak, cutlets in garlic sauce, game dishes which are frequently ordered and prepared according to different, traditional recipes.

    The Restaurant also offers well-known house wines: Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique.

    The Restaurant is known by its rich offer of home-made cheeses produced by a well-known Ludbreg Dairy

    Capacity: 80 seats inside, 80 on the terrace


    The ‘Fantasy’ Restaurant

    A modern approach to preparing classical meals and desserts, but with homage to traditional cuisine.

    Capacity: 60 seats


    The ‘Arabela’ Restaurant

    Daily offer of Croatian and international cuisine

    Capacity: 100 seats inside, 60 outside

    Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 11 PM, weekends: 8 AM to 2 AM


    The ‘Lav’ Restaurant, Mali Bukovec

    The ‘Lav’ Restaurant in Mali Bukovec has recently expanded its offer to organisation of wedding receptions, graduation parties, business meals, celebrations of christening, confirmation and the like.

    The newly constructed hall can seat 200 guests and if connected to the old part up to 300 guests. There is a coffee bar, a summer terrace, a part for younger guests with booths and dimmed light showing video clips, where every day you can order one of our 25 different pizzas or an à la carte meal.


    In addition to wedding receptions and celebrations listed earlier, we also organise New Year’s Eve parties, the Valentine’s Day parties, St Martin’s Day celebration and on those occasions we also present our high-quality home-made cuisine at really affordable prices.

    Rich offer of Croatian and international specialities, high-quality wines, all kinds of celebrations.

    Capacity: 300 seats inside the restaurant, 50 on the terrace


    The ‘Mejaši’ Brewery

    As a part of the Amalia Hotel there the ‘Mejaši’ Brewery decorated in an authentic Zagorje style, with its daily offer of pizzas baked in the bread oven, home-made cottage cheese with sour cream, cured beef tongue and other almost forgotten old dishes.


    The ‘Kneginečka hiža’ Restaurant

    The ‘Kneginečka hiža’ Restaurant is located 7 km from the centre of Varaždin, in Gornji Kneginec, on the national road between Varaždin and Varaždinske Toplice. The restaurant and the entire facility is overwhelming with warmth from the wood, because this natural material has been used for its entire construction and decoration. The highlight of delight is the summer terrace seating 40 people with a 40 cm thick reed roofing. Another peculiarity of this facility is the 110-year old arched cellar offering wine and cheese tasting to a maximum of 25 visitors. In the garden there is a 70-year old 11,628 litre barrel inside of which is a table for ten inside.

    The restaurant and the wine tasting room within the ‘Kneginečka hiža’ daily offer numerous home-made specialities. Additionally, meals can be ordered à la carte or arranged. The restaurant also has a small wine cellar with selected wines which will satisfy the wishes of the finest lovers of wines and spirits.


    Hotel LaGus’ Restaurant

    The elegant interior of the hotel restaurant will make you enjoy the excellent flavours of traditional cuisine. Fresh vegetables, top quality meat and excellent dairy products guarantee extraordinary gastronomy delights. For travellers led by gourmet maps we will prepare specialities of international cuisine. You will be delighted with our house specialities combined with fine Croatian wines and home-made spirits.


    The ‘Zlatne Gorice

    In the four restaurant salons where you feel like entering into another time, enjoy the tastes of traditional dishes of Varaždin region. Home-made maize bread, ‘meso na brajdama’, turkey with ‘mlinci’ (hand-torn pasta), fried frog’s legs and various daily surprises will remind you how our grandmothers used to cook. Next to the Villa is a tobogganing track, along the vineyard is a wine path and a family entertainment area, whilst the cellar will disclose all the beauties of enjoying house wines.


    Špan’ Pizzeria

    Various pizzas baked in an oven and Italian dishes.


    Ključice’ Restaurant

    The ‘Ključice’ Restaurant is located in the very centre of Novi Marof along the Novi Marof – Zagreb Regional Road. Tradition and high-quality gastronomic offerings are the result of many years of work and the experience of professional and well-educated staff that has proved its value at numerous competitions. In addition to the regular offerings the Restaurant also provides catering to meet the requirements and needs of guests even outside our facility. The Restaurant is an ideal place to organise various celebrations and other events.


    Toni’ Pizzeria

    Taste the best pizza from bread oven in town and beyond in a cosy atmosphere and friendly setting of the pizzeria and its newly decorated terrace.

    Visit us and enjoy the charms of our cuisine offering 20 types of pizzas and 10 types of toasted sandwiches.


    Jak’ Restaurant

    The Restaurant is located in Žarovnica, not far from the centre of Lepoglava. The Restaurant has as an air-conditioned hall with 130 seats and a summer terrace for 20 people. Apart from a wide variety of drinks, guests can be served a wide selection of dishes if announced in advance. An inseparable part of the offerings include ‘Zagorski štruklji’. ‘Meso iz banjice’ is also a part of our daily offerings.

    The Restaurant is suitable for smaller wedding receptions and other ceremonies, business lunches and family reunions.


    Ivančica’ Restaurant

    The Restaurant has a beautifully decorated air-conditioned hall and two smaller areas suitable for family gatherings, celebrations and smaller work groups. At the weekends the restaurant hosts large wedding receptions, celebrations and serves meals to groups of tourists and on holidays it organises various parties (St Martin’s Day, New Year’s Eve Celebrations, etc.) Offerings include international specialities and a rich selection of drinks.


    Nec’ Hospitality, Trade and Services

    Offers to its guests a wide selection of traditional dishes made of home grown ingredients. Here you can find ‘Zagorski štrukli’, home-made brandy and wine.

    The hall can seat 60 people and there is a terrace for another 150 underneath the grapevines.


    Ben’ Restaurant/B&B

    The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant interior, warm welcome and high-quality service of our staff will make sure that you enjoy our rich offer of Croatian specialities, pizzas, fish dishes, meals prepared on the grill and spike: grilled kid and lamb, game dishes, various specialities made of pork, veal, turkey and chicken. The ‘Ben’ Restaurant has a separate room to seat 115 guests, an open terrace for 30 people and a closed terrace with 45 seats, a private parking for 50 cars.

    The Restaurant also offers bike storage.


    Ivonjska kliet

    The furnishing of ‘Ivonjska kliet’ leaves no-one indifferent. Even the old, massive door handle on the main door tells you that everything is different here. The interior is decorated with an ethnological collection of items from the Ivanec Region, amongst which the most prominent ones are the saws, parts of an old wagon, yokes, a collection of old ceramic pots, different usable items from the past and a collection of old radio devices. The wooden furniture has been made from an old chestnut tree.

    Ivonjska kliet’ offers its guests home specialities made in a bread oven. Specialities from amongst the rich offerings include: ‘zlijevka’, ‘Zagorski štruklji’ and ‘meso iz banjice’ and freshly-baked bread is on the tables every day. The standard selection of drinks at ‘Ivonjska kliet’ is supplemented with wines originating from the wider Ivanec Region.

    The facility is air-conditioned and can seat 60 guests inside and 30 terrace seats. A private parking is big enough for 15 cars, and public parking is available situated all around.


    ‘BVB’ Restaurant

    The ‘BVB’ Restaurant is located on the left side of the road leading from Ivanec to Prigorec. The restaurant can seat 180 guests and is used to host different gatherings and celebrations like the mushroom festival, art exhibitions, wedding receptions, business presentations and lunches. The area is comfortable and furnished in a modern style.

    The open terrace can seat 30 people, and a special atmosphere on the terrace is enhanced with the murmur of water coming from the nearby Bistrica stream. The meals on offer, together with specialities of international cuisine, also include traditional desserts of the region. Amongst the drinks on offer mead and home-made brandy are especially popular. In front of the restaurant is a spacious parking area, which is big enough for 50 cars.


    ‘Villa Toplissa’

    Villa Toplissa’, the Excursion Resort and Restaurant, was built on a picturesque hill above Varaždinske Toplice and provides a unique view of the Varaždinske Toplice Region. Delicious, traditional Zagorje cuisine will make sure that this view remains in your memory for a long time.