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Bike & Bed

The most important form of accommodation is hotels, and although 3* hotels are the most dominant (3 hotels in Varaždin, 2 in Ludbreg and 1 in Ivanec), there are two 4* hotels (Varaždin and Trakošćan) and one 2* hotel in Ludbreg. There are 2 pansions (B&Bs) in Varaždin, one in Novi Marof and accommodation is available in Lepoglava (linked to the Lepoglava Prison) and Sračinec.

Bike & Bed Standards Include:

  • The possibility of receiving a cyclotourist for a single night,
  • Secured area for bicycle parking,
  • Spaces for drying clothes and placing equipment,
  • A variety of different breakfast on offer or the possibility of using the kitchen,
  • Availability of accurate and high quality maps of the region, preferably with the marked cycling routes,
  • The availability of public transport information (rail and ferries),
  • The availability of tools for basic repairs, and
  • Information on locations and opening hours of bike servicing shops at the destination or its close vicinity in case of major breakdowns.

Some of these services within Varaždin County are offered by the following accommodation facilities…